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About KENZ Compound

Location: October Gardens.

Location and Distances:

Kenz development is located in October Gardens, 10 minutes from Al Remaya Sq. 45 minutes from Lebanon Sq, 15 minutes from Mall of Egypt.


Why choose living in Hadayk 6 October:

It's such Luxurious life, quiet and where you can find all what you need when it comes to restaurants, cafes, shops in more than 2 malls in the area where you can find all what you need and a lot of brands, cinemas and Imax as well.
We will be living in area got around 8 schools available; also because we care about your health and your family's too we choose our location where there are more than 3 hospitals and one governmental medical center.
Only takes 10 minutes to reach Remaya Square which is not far.
Also there are a lot of kids and sports areas where you can enjoy your time with your kids and family.

Why choose living in Kenz Compound:

   Because we thought about your day and what you need every day that's why to make you feel more comfortable we are going to provide you in our compound with;

  • Social club where you can work out and have fun and same things for your kids and family.
  • In addition, that you can finish your work and meetings there as well.
  • Secure 3 smart gates for your own safety for you and your family plus huge parking with internal Elevator can be used to go upstairs from the parking.
  • Big Mall so you can get all what you need without getting out of the compound includes a lot of restaurant, cafes and brands.
  • Also very luxurious buildings which includes Marble Entry, water safes, Buildings Intercom, Pharmacy, Nursery, Spa for Men and Ladies also, Fire Extinguisher.
  • We created different lighting systems works with solar energy, central Satiate, running tracks so you live in healthy environment and landscape to see nice views every morning
  • Also we managed to provide you with Pool, Half Olympic pool for ladies and another one for kids also, Tennis and Football playground and cycling infrastructure; so you can use your bike in specific lanes or tracks.

  Because we think about you that’s why we managed to set up more than one easy payment plans and also After sales service for the follow up to make sure that you are happy and satisfied     and for solving any issues.

Kenz offers well designed luxurious apartments at different areas. We've given more attention to the smart exploitation of the unit areas to maximize the benefit of our client. Areas vary from 145 to 245 Sq. meters. The Payment method instalments
 up to 96 Months .


The Units will be delivered by the middle of 2017.

Sports Club (Membership fees included in the unit price), Neighborhood shopping and retail facility of approx. 12,000 Sq. meters GLA.  The development provides its residents with very wide greeneries spaces and roads with area of approx. 80% from the total area of the gated, safe compound.

Running tracks, public gardens, sustainable energy public lighting system, three gates for ease access to the development from any side.