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CEO Message

Our goal at First Group has always been to create value for our stakeholders, one step at a time. Year after year, we have followed a disciplined approach to growth, focusing our efforts and deploying our capital in real estate development. Serving owners and occupiers of real estate on a national basis that creates multiple opportunities for growth.

First Group is an experienced player in real estate development and our market importance positions us well to capitalize on growth opportunities today and in the future.

At its core, First Group is a Real Estate development company that generates its revenues from the lands acquiring and development process from A to Z. For us, having a highly stable and predictable revenue stream takes away much of the cyclicality faced by others in the real estate industry, while still providing abundant growth opportunities. With a huge land bank of residential & commercial real estate under planning and development, First Group will be addressed as one of the key Egyptian real estate firms. This position enables us to leverage our scale to create value for our clients.